What's new?

  • General
    • New user interface, hope you love it as much as we do
    • Centralized login to access all your organizations from one place
    • Revamp of user permissions with advanced functionality per role
    • Users will receive email notifications on role changes
    • Enhanced departments functionality to silo your users into groups that better reflect your organizations structure

  • Email Templates
    • Dynamic tokens have been included in email templates. You can now use tokens to represent values for certain database fields that are available. For example, instead of starting an email with “Hey There” you can use “Hey $FirstName” and we will dynamically populate this field with the candidates first name

  • Projects
    • Revamped the flow for adding raters to a project
    • Raters can be removed from a project provided they have not made any comments/decisions
    • Raters are now notified via email when candidates complete an interview (if enabled)
    • Autofill candidate info i.e. When a candidate’s email is entered on a project, we auto fill their information if they are an existing user in the system
    • User will now be able to specify preparation time per question (the default is 15 sec)
    • Email address (reply-to) per project is now enabled

  • Candidate Review
    • User will be now be able to rate and comment per question as well as providing a final/overall rating and comment
    • Total ratings will tally up and give a suggested final rating

  • Interviews
    • Candidates wont be required to setup and remember a password any longer. Instead, they will enter their email address and receive an OTP (One Time Pin) which they need to enter to access the system
    • Introduced a candidate home page which will show all currently available interviews as well as interviews previously completed
    • New and improved functionality to test the candidate’s hardware before proceeding to the interview
    • Candidate won’t ever need to redo an interview, the system will pick up from the last incomplete question i.e., when a candidate loses internet connectivity during an interview, they can log back in and continue from where they last left off instead of redoing the entire interview

  • Improvements and Bug Fix’s
    • Improve overall system security backed by AWS services
    • Improved backend infrastructure & reliability backed by AWS services
    • Various bug fixes for modules that were carried over from version 2
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