What's new?

  • Revamped candidate journey
    • We roped in some of the very best UI/UX gurus ,who understand the psychology involved when interacting with systems such as Wamly. 
    • Based off of their expertise, we have implemented some intuitive and simple designs to improve the overall flow of the process a candidate would follow to complete their interview. Through our live survey groups we have seen a significant increase of adoption and understanding by candidates, resulting in more candidates completing their interviews with less questions required to do so.
    • We have also implemented AWS CloudFront technology, this will drastically improve the connection candidates have to our server , resulting in 95% of problematic internet connections now being able to perform the interview.

  • Putting your experience first
    • When you login you will see a rating graphic on the bottom left of the screen
    • This is available at all times, the moment you want to let us know you are not happy or in the more likely scenario that that you are super happy, simply smash this button and let us know. We might have to crack out the whips or give our guys a quick 5 minute break, depending on what you put here :)

  • Custom Emails
    • Yes, you can now send emails worded to your hearts content, directly from our system. This includes custom invitations, reminders, rejections or anything else you may want to send.
    • We have implemented TinyMCE editor which allows for better formatting and the insertion of images. This also includes HTML functionality, so if your marketing team already has HTML templates with your organizations branding, you can simply paste it in here and candidates will receive emails with your organizations look and feel.

  • Verified Emails
    • Along with custom emails, we have introduced the ability to add your organizations email address to be used when sending out emails from Wamly.
    • When implemented this means any candidate emails sent out from Wamly will use your organizations verified email address as the sent from address. From a candidate perspective the email will have come directly from your organization.

  • Various bug fixes
    • We didn't kill our bug's (that's just cruel), we moved them to a safe environment where they will no longer bother you. 
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