What’s new? 

  • Improved interview guide creation

    • Estimated interview duration is now displayed whenever creating new interview guides or adding questions to a project on the fly - helping you stick to predetermined time frames, or plan better. 

    • You can unselect an interview guide during the editing or creation of a project.

    • Interview guides can now be deleted. 

  • Improved candidate interview experience

    • You can now resend invites or reset interviews whenever necessary.  

    • An explainer video will now be displayed to candidates before an interview begins to avoid any confusion. 

    • The speed requirements for interviews have been reduced from 2mb/s to 300KB/s, especially helping candidates with poorer internet connection. 

  • New functions for raters

    • Whenever a new rater is added to a project, they will now receive an explainer video to explain what is required from them. 

    • Wamly now captures the country, region and city data of each potential candidate. And potential candidates can be filtered by nationality and country. 

  • Improved email template management

    • You can now delete unused email templates to declutter your available templates that are actually used

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