What's new?


  • Guided Tour
    •  Candidates are now taken through an optional tour of the interview process to better familiarize themselves with the process.

  • Practice Interview 
    • Candidates can now opt into a practice interview which they can do as many times as necessary to feel comfortable with the process.

  • Improved Device Testing  
    • This will improve the rate of videos with no sound or video and identify issues before the interview begins.

  • Blur Screen During Interview
    • We reviewed candidate feedback and the biggest common issue raised was that candidates felt uncomfortable seeing themselves during the interview. We have included the option for candidates to blur the screen. This will not affect the recording and raters will be able to view the recording without the blur

  • Countdown Timer Prominence
    • We moved the countdown timer to the top of the screen to make this more visible to candidates during the interview

  • Intervals Between Answers 
    • candidates can now OPT to take a breather between questions if they feel the pace is a bit fast. This feature can be turned on or off by users in the edit project section.
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