New Features

  • Added the ability to set whether candidates can take a breather between questions per project.
  • Added the ability to toggle blurring of candidate interview videos from raters to assist in reducing possible biases.
  • Improved the functionality to copy a project's invite link, with the ability to share to various social media platforms directly on Wamly.
  • Added the ability to retry uploading an interview answer should upload fail for any reason.
  • Added the ability to detect when a user has lost internet connection, and inform the user in real time.

Bug Fixes

  • Candidate Journey: Fixed an issue where in some instances the estimated interview time displayed to candidates was incorrect.
  • Candidate Journey: Fixed an issue where in some instances the preparation and answer count down timer was displaying incorrect values.
  • Candidate Journey: Fixed an issue where in some instances the total candidates dashboard figure did not correlate to actual total candidates on a project.


  • Candidates will now be notified whether they have already completed a interview after entering the OTP instead of after they have done all the hardware and connection tests.
  • Added 4 new interview guides- Full Stack Developer, Android Developer, Back-end Developer, Senior iOS developer

  • Improved support tracking tools.

  • Improved Project Filters.

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