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Managing Interview Guides

Interview guides allow you to set up a template of questions that are commonly asked when interviewing for a particular position. For example, you may have a list of questions that you often ask potential candidates looking to fill a Financial Manager vacancy. By setting up a template with these predefined questions and time frames, you will save yourself time when creating new projects for the same or similar job position. Selecting an interview guide during project creation will prepopulate the project with all the questions from the selected interview guide. Simply navigate to the Interview Guides module in the Side Menu, click the "Add New" button, and complete the required fields as defined below:

Settings Tab

  • Name - Provide a name that easily identifies this template amongst others
  • Description - Provide additional information for this interview guide to assist administrators when making use of this template

Questions Tab

  • Question - Enter the question to be displayed to the candidate
  • Prep Time - Specify the amount of time the candidate has to prepare before providing an answer, after having seen the question
  • Answer Time - Specify the amount of time the candidate has to answer the question

  PRO TIP!  The prep and answer time is denoted in units of seconds i.e. enter "60" if you would like the time to be one minute

Additional Actions

Once you have set up your first Interview Guide, you will be able to modify, duplicate, or deactivate it by returning to the Interview Guides module in the Side Menu. Identify the Interview Guide that you would like to action and select the ☰ (burger icon) to access additional options as defined below:

  • Duplicate - Make a copy of this guide
  • Edit - Modify this guide
  • Deactivate - Deactivate this guide (make this unavailable for selection when setting up projects)

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