Video Guide

Managing Users

In this module, you are able to modify existing users or invite additional users to perform tasks within your Wamly system. Simply navigate to the Users module in the Side Menu and select the "Create New User" button and complete the fields as defined below:

  • First Name - The invited user's First Name
  • Last Name - The invited user's Last Name
  • Email - The invited user's email address to where the invitation will be sent, will also become their login to Wamly
  • Mobile Number - User's mobile contact number
  • Role - You can specify the rater, administrator, or system manager role
  • Department -You can allocate this user to one or more departments

Once you have completed the required fields, click the "Create" button. This will complete the add user process and the invited user will receive an email with further instructions on how to sign in to Wamly.

To edit a user or to deactivate a user, navigate back to the Users module in the Side Menu, and select the  ☰ (burger icon) to access the required action. Please note some of the information is only editable by the user themselves, such as the email address.

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