What is Wamly

Wamly is a one-way video interview platform that aims to replace the convoluted processes people face with traditional face to face interviews.

Wamly is not your turnkey HR solution but rather seeks to replace one critical function of the HR process, that being the actual face to face interviews with your candidates. 


  • System Manager

The system manager is the top-level role that has unrestricted access to the organization & functions within the Wamly application. They can manage the organization details, invite or remove users, create or manage projects, add or remove raters, view candidates submissions & more.

  • Administrator

The administrator role is the next level role & has limited access to the organization & functions within the Wamly application. They can create or manage projects, add or remove raters & view candidate's submissions.

  • Raters

The rater role is the next level role & has extremely limited access to the organization & functions within the Wamly application. They can only view & rate candidates submissions on projects to which they have been invited.

  • Candidates

The candidate role is given to any user that is invited to a project or uses the self-register link for an active project. These users will only be able to see their personal details & interviews with which they are registered.


  • Dashboard

This module is intended to provide the Wamly system manager with a quick overview of what's going on in their organisation.

  • Projects

This module is intended to provide a space to manage projects. A project is essentially the job position/title for which you require candidates to be interviewed i.e. you may be hiring for Financial Manager & Marketing Manager positions, in this scenario you would have two separate projects to which you can invite candidates. In projects you can specify the questions to be asked, the time frame in which they have to complete each question as well as the date by which the interview needs to be completed. You also add raters to this project so they can review the candidate's submissions. Finally, you can add the candidates if you already have their details, if not the project will generate a self-register link once saved. This can then be used to invite candidates after the project has been created.

  • Interview Guides

This module allows you to save predefined questions & their time frames that can be re-used in projects later on. I.e. If you are often hiring sales reps, you may have a list of predefined questions that are used in every sales rep interview. To save time you can create a sales rep interview guide and then when you create a new project you can select the relevant guide & the project will be populated with the questions you previously saved.

  • Users

This module allows you to add or remove users from your Wamly system. You will have the ability to specify roles for each user as well as specifying one or more departments to which that user belongs.

  • My Organisation

This module allows you to manage your company information as well as the departments within your organisation. The company information stored here is used in various parts of the system. For example, we use this information to generate your monthly invoice, we use this information to display your Company name or support details to candidates before their interview. It is important to keep this information up to date as and when changes occur. You are also able to create or modify departments in this module.

  • My Profile

This module allows you to update your personal information such as your name, email address & mobile number. You can also update your password here.

System Navigation

  • Side Menu

The System Menu is situated on the far left of the screen and provides useful links to all the modules within the Wamly system. This menu can be expanded or collapsed by selecting the ☰ (burger icon).

  • Top Menu

The Top Menu as the name suggests is situated on the top of the screen and provides quick access to switch organizations, edit your profile, or log out from the Wamly system.

  • Switch Organisation

There are instances where you may have multiple organisations linked to your Wamly account. You can switch organisations by selecting the drop-down in the top menu, where your current organisation name appears.

  • Signed in User

You are able to view the currently logged-in user profile in the Top Menu. You can click on the logged-in user's name to quickly edit the profile details.

  • Signing out of Wamly

The last item in the Top Menu is the sign-out icon, which as the name suggests, will sign you out of the wamly system.

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