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This section is a continuation of the previous lesson and puts particular emphasis on the process of reviewing candidate interviews that have been submitted. This is one of the core benefits of using Wamly as it allows you and your raters the leisure of reviewing candidates when the time suits you best.

Access Interviews

To view candidate interviews on a particular project, simply navigate to the Projects module in the Side Menu, click the ☰ (burger icon) on the intended project, and select "View Interviews". You will be presented with a project dashboard that provides vital information about the project as well as providing a list of all candidates, their details, status, and rating as defined below:

Project Dashboard

  • Top Left Tile - This tile displays pertinent information about the project such as the Status, Start Date, End Date & Raters added to the project
  • Top Right Tile - This tile shows you an overview of invited candidates vs completed interviews
  • Bottom Tile - This tile shows the following information as defined below:

Name - Candidates name

Progress - A Progress bar to indicate how many questions the candidate has completed in relation to the total amount of questions in the interview

Raters - This is an Indication of the raters who have completed their review of a candidate

Status - This indicates the current status of the candidate which can be complete or incomplete

Average Rating - The combined average rating of all raters who have completed reviews. This average is based on each rater's final rating and not each individual question.

Burger Icon (☰) - Perform additional tasks such as viewing the interview or resending an invitation to a candidate as defined below:

View Interview

To get into the actual review process and view the candidate video submissions, navigate to the project dashboard, select the Burger Icon (☰) on any candidate, and click the "Go to interview" option. You will be presented with a candidate review screen as defined below:

  • Left Panel - List of all candidates on this project which allows you to easily navigate through other candidate submissions. You can also filter the candidates on this list by status, you can do this by changing the drop-down option at the top of this panel. The available options are:

All - All candidates regardless of rating

Yes - Candidates where raters gave a "Yes" rating

No - Candidates where raters gave a "No" rating

Maybe - Candidates where raters gave a "Maybe" rating 

  • Center Panel - This panel shows each of the questions completed by the candidate for this particular project. Each question is represented as a bubble below the video feed. Selecting a new bubble will change the video feed to that particular question. This serves as your tool to navigate through candidate questions.
  • Right Panel - This is split into three sections

Candidate Info 

Mobile Number - Candidate mobile contact number

Email - Candidate email address 

First Name - Candidate first name 

Last Name - Candidate last name 

Date of Birth - Candidate date of birth

Gender  - Candidate gender

Home Language - Candidate preferred home language 

Race - Candidate ethnic race


In this section, you will have the ability to rate the current question that is being reviewed in the center panel. You can specify a rating as well as provide a comment for this particular question. The ratings are defined below:

Yes - Represented by the green emoticon and means you rated the candidate in a favorable manner

No - Represented by the red emoticon and means you rated the candidate in an unfavorable manner 

Maybe - Represented by the yellow emoticon and means you neither rated the candidate in a favorable or unfavorable manner

Final Rating & Comment 

This relates to your overall rating for this candidate as well as your final comments. It is up to the rater's discretion as to what final rating to give i.e. The rater might have given a "No" on 3 out of 4 questions but that final question might have been enough to give the candidate a final rating of "Yes". It is important to note that the final ratings of all raters are averaged and displayed on the project dashboard.

Resend Reminder

In the event that a candidate has not received the invitation to a project, you are able to resend the invitation. To resend an invitation simply navigate to the project dashboard, select the Burger Icon (☰) on any candidate, and click the "Send Reminder" option. This will resend an invitation to the candidate.

This concludes the Wamly training.

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