Below is the default template we use to send out invitations to candidates. If you are using a custom invitation template you can use this as a guideline of important information to include.

You have been invited by #ORGNAME# to participate in a Wamly video interview. 
A video interview is in all aspects the same as a traditional interview, except that you will not be interviewed by a person, but will be presented with a set of pre-selected questions and your answers will be recorded using your own device's camera and microphone. 
Your recorded interview will then be available for review by the interview panel.
It is very important that you prepare for this interview in the same way you would for a normal interview.
Please COPY and PASTE this link into your browser and follow the on-screen instructions for more information and to start the interview:

Please take note of the following technical requirements:

Any device with a microphone, camera & stable internet connection that is running one of the below configurations:


Windows (Recommended)

Version supported:  Windows 10

Browser supported: Chrome, Edge Browser (latest versions)



Version supported:  9 and above

Browser supported: Chrome (latest version)



Version supported:  iOS / iPadOS 14.3 and above , MacOS (Latest)

Browser supported: Safari (latest version)

For iOS 14.2 and lower, please try enabling these options if you experience any difficulties

Good luck with your interview! 

The Wamly Team