We're thrilled to share some more fantastic updates that are all about making your Wamly experience even better. Let's dig in. 

Feature Releases/New Additions

  • Removed verified e-mail "send from" functionality. 
  • The form builder toolbox is now always visible, even when you're scrolling, making it more convenient for you.
  • Copying user data from the user list is now a breeze, giving you more control.
  • We've added a smart feature to prevent you from accidentally sending invitation emails when a project is not active.
  • Your system's security is our priority, and we've made several enhancements to keep everything secure on your Wamly platform. 

Bug Fixes

  • No more getting logged out unexpectedly when importing candidates from SimplifyHR or refreshing on the "View Ratings" screen. 
  • The "View Ratings" button now looks even more polished for a smoother visual experience.
  • Your page size preferences on the Project Details Page will now be remembered by the system.
  • Interview question tabs will now appear on the "View Ratings" page, even for inactive projects.
  • We've fixed a few instances where success messages weren't quite right.
  • Multi-line form inputs on the form preview will now be displayed correctly. 
  • Project Opening for Raters is now consistently smooth on the Project List Page.

We're committed to making your experience top-notch, and we're eager to hear what you think about these updates.

Happy hiring!