Introducing the new and improved Global Candidate Search and My Candidates section on Wamly!

Feature Releases

  • Global Candidate Search: Navigate through your pool of candidates and projects with ease, finding potential hires across all of your Wamly Projects. Go even further, by using the Advanced filters to find candidates that align perfectly with your requirements. Global Search empowers you to find your ideal candidates who have completed their one-way video interviews in no time!

  • My Candidate section: Use the My Candidate section in your left-hand menu to get a holistic view of your candidates and find them effortlessly. 

Bug Fixes

  • You will notice that when you now click on "View Candidates" or "View Ratings" on your dashboard everything loads much quicker. No more frustrating delays or timeouts.

  • We've fixed the pesky bugs that prevented some clients, especially those with large amounts of document uploads from receiving their candidate reports.

See this in action:

We're fully invested in refining your experience, and we're eager to gather your feedback on these exciting enhancements.

Happy hiring!